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Residing In Cookeville, TN USA
Spouse/Partner Jim
Occupation community volunteer, retired physician
Children None but a succession of wonderful dogs, cats, gerbils, multiple bird feeders and squirrel feeders and More…a wonderful husband who is extraordinarily dear, kind, and supportive.

Kudos to all the folks who are working so hard on this reunion- you are an inspiration and have already made a huge difference. I am not a reunion type because we have not lived in TN for any of the others. But three reconnections with classmates (and plans to do a half marathon next year with Betsy- who else is game?) have made a believer out of me.

Many thanks, Barbara E., John C and others

Background- after CHS, went to TTU (Go Tech!), then a M.S. at Auburn (War Eagle!!) and a Ph.D. at Cornell (Go Big Red!) followed by a postdoc at NIH (no fight songs or cheers that I know of). Loved the clinical side of health care so went back to U of MD for med school and training in internal medicine in the MD and Hopkins systems followed by a career in public service (federal for 20 years in DC). Okay, Joanne Waddey- is that okay?

School Story

Lots of fun stories- candy striping with Beth, wishing I had the fashion sense of Joanne Waddey (or Craig for that matter), driving by David Enzfelders house with Becky's dad doing the driving and having the joy of being able to kid around with RT (Becky's dad) about it 50 years later. And reconnecting with David 40 years later during a Tech concert and he has become a good family friend of ours.

Where else have you lived?

Auburn AL, Ithaca NY, Silver Spring, MD, and now back to Cookeville TN which we love

How often do you get back to Shelbyville?

Once with Becky- looking forward to the reunion

What did you want to do or think you were going to be doing when you finished high school?

An elementary school teacher (my life's goal due to a great aunt who was my role model)-----then I discovered that career required being around kids.

High points in your life since high school?

Just have been thankful for every good moment that helped get through the challenging ones and realized how very blessed we are to live in this great country.

What are some things in your bucket list?

Pretty much done those but doing the half marathon next year with Betsy has got to rank right up there

How old do you feel?

Most days I feel about 35

Biggest thing that you would do different if you went back to your time at CHS?

It all worked out so I guess nothing.

What would we be surprised to know about you?

I am not a good rock climber (wait, that could be obvious).

What your favorite memory of Central High School?

See above

Least favorite memory of Central High School?

Can't think of one. Even when Ms Wallace made Becky and me be on the debate team for talking so much in class, that turned out to be fun!

Your least favorite teacher at CHS and why?

Can't think of one. We were lucky in that department!

Your favorite teacher at CHS and why?

Ms. Wesson and it had nothing to do with math. She was a great teacher but she cared very much about each student.

Famous or interesting people you've met?

Quite a few over the years in DC.

How did you met your spouse?

At Tech, on opposite sides of a student effort to eliminate the foreign language requirement from the biology curriculum.

Favorite vacation place? Why?

Home-love being here; state parks with hubby and a dog or two

Italy, if I were to travel overseas again

Ever been on TV if so why and when?

Yep, several times, no biggie. I do a weekly radio show now which is MUCH more fun- "in jammies- OK", no undereye concealer ("OK"), etc, etc.

When was the last time that you belly laughed?

recently and alot of laughter (it is good medicine)

How do you relax?

Being home, petting a critter, reading good book, spinning or doing a Bob Harper DVD, working in my stained/fused glass shop, etc, etc.

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Hi! Saw your name was not on the list for the April gathering. Please come- I would love to hear more stories about Chickie and see the picture of Chickie on your head. If anyone else reads this, trust me, you would love the story, too!

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